Get Notification if a new staking option is available on Binance

Get Notification if a new staking pool is available on Binance

Staking on Binance Helper
Staking Alert for Binance.

This small helper can be the key to catch each coin and duration for staking on Binance.

Why does you need Staking Alert App?
You have 2 possibilities.
1. You have to be faster than RoadRunner
2. You use this app to catch every staking option on Binance

Example of 14.12.2021
Staking Alert App Timestamp:14.12.21 09:35:05
Spotted pools at Binance:
09:35:05 DAR 90 Days package spotted! -> 10:02:54 sold out!
09:35:05 AXS 90 Days package spotted! -> 09:37:24 sold out!
09:35:05 EGLD 90 Days package spotted! -> 12:19:33 sold out!
09:35:05 NEAR 90 Days package spotted! -> available until now
09:35:05 LUNA 90 Days package spotted! -> 09:41:30 sold out!
09:35:05 CHR 90 Days package spotted! -> 10:31:37 sold out!
09:35:05 DODO 90 Days package spotted! -> 10:32:51 sold out!
09:35:05 CAKE 90 Days package spotted! -> 10:01:53 sold out!
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How the app work -> explained
Is staking safe on Binance?
Binance is the most secure trading platform in the market and
offers risk-free token staking. The platform provides an opportunity to earn high returns.
Can you stake Crypto on Binance?
Binance Staking has launched a series of new high-yield TVK Locked Staking activities. Locked Staking Format: First-come, first-served basis.
Can you lose money Binance staking?
You only lose if you sell your crypto at a lesser value than you bought it. If your staking amount is down from your original USD you are suffering 'impermanent loss', meaning its not permanent and only would be if you sell then.
Can I lose crypto by staking?
You cannot lose money when staking Crypto. Staking is the principle of: providing liquidity to a platform in return for rewards (interest/yield). You can lose money if the cryptocurrency you have chosen for staking drops significantly in price or goes out of business.
How do you start staking on Binance?
ETH 2.0 Staking on Binance
0 staking feature on Binance. The process is simple: select “More” on the Binance mobile app and scroll down to “Finance.” Since you are staking ETH on the Binance Smart Chain network, your ETH will be converted to Beacon ETH (BETH) which is a tokenized asset representing your Ethereum stake.
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